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james academy - hairdressing reggio emilia

Via P. e M. Curie, 1/A | 42122 | Reggio Emilia (RE), Italy | +39.0522.337583

james academy - reggio emilia Hairdressing - hairdressing courses

 EDUCATION , RESEARCH, ANALYSIS , STUDY, STUDY , are the must of James Training Center, the perfect location to create and consolidate the structure of the profession of the hairdresser .
 In Reggio Emilia , the TRAINING CENTRE founded by James Longagnani , in order to convey a simple and direct way in his philosophy and his method of working , precise and linear .
 The METHOD James combines technical expertise and creativity , but looks to the future without forgetting the past , interpret the latest trends with an eye to history. But above is based on a consolidated team work for years and a team of accredited trainers and motivated.
 ACADEMY is the fulcrum around which the formation and stylistic research and creative that gives rise every six months to the Fashion Collection , all ' Education throughout Italy and the project young designers.
Among the extensive range of Educational Proposals , including courses , workshops , seminars , there is a great deal of attention for each participant , collaborator or salon owner , who can choose their own path and structure according to its specific needs and level of experience. So you can always find new ideas and new ideas for their own work.


james academy - reggio emilia Hairdressing - hairdressing courses

Via P. e M. Curie, 1/a
42122 Reggio Emilia - Italy
Tel. +39.0522.337583

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